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It is a universally accepted truth that, Prevention is better than cure'. Therefore, preventive maintenance is an essential part of any building management programme. It's a valuable safeguard against the inconvience of elevator downtime and prevents many of the potential risks that a building owner otherwise might have to incur. It also increases the life of equipment and protects your investment.


Our team of maintenance and service team are qualified and well trained technicals who are experts & will provide and evolve to offer correct solutions to any minor or major break downs if any and carr out corrections to any minor or major breakdowns if any and carry out corrections to any minor faults for your immediate use and comfort. We remain committed to ensure consistent and efficient operation of your elevator.


Also as a good will gesture we will train your deputed personel for day to day norms for safety of up keeping and maintaining your elevator and also maintaining your record files of service reports submitted by our visiting engineers on site. As an added value, we will arry out through inspection of your elevator annually and submit the necessary report for your reference and considerations.


We remain conscientious for your safety.